UPDATE 1:33 p.m.: When I woke up, I realized I had used the phrase "cut out" in the same short paragraph in which I had talked about cutting words. It was ridiculously ugly. So I had to change it. Plus I found the terrific Dorothy Parker quote below. It doesn't reflect my own thoughts on sheep, but I liked it nonetheless.

"I really can't be expected to drop everything and start counting sheep, at my age. I hate sheep. Untender it may be in me, but all my life I've hated sheep. It amounts to a phobia, the way I hate them. I can tell the minute there's one in the room. They needn't think that I am going to lie here in the dark and count their unpleasant little faces for them; I wouldn't do it if I didn't fall asleep again until the middle of next August. Suppose they never get counted -- what's the worst that can happen? If the number of imaginary sheep in this world remains a matter of guesswork, who is richer or poorer for it? No, sir; I'm not their scorekeeper. Let them count themselves, if they're so crazy mad after mathematics. Let them do their own dirty work. Coming around here, at this time of day, and asking me to count them! And not even real sheep, at that. Why, it's the most preposterous thing I ever heard in my life."
-Dorothy Parker, "The Little Hours"

It is 8:30 a.m. I just filed a Q&A that I had to edit for over three hours because I needed to cut over 2000 words off of it. It's far too early in the semester to be pulling an all nighter. I have to say, I seem to be well cut out suited for the night cops beat. I like to blame my insomnia on journalism. I'm pretty sure that's just an excuse. But, these words of wisdom from a former editor make me think there might be something to it:

"The sky is brighter, the wind colder, and your thinking clearer walking the streets between 3-5 a.m"

Even by that standard, it is past my bedtime. Goodnight.

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