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Sunday, February 18, 2007
I am not a photographer. (For someone who IS a photographer, check out this blog) But every once and a while, I like to take photos of some newsy things. Here are three of my favorites from the last year or so. Any views represented here are only the views of the people in the photos, not mine.

NEW YORK , December 2005. New York's transit workers went on strike demanding, in part, better pension plans and health care. The strike shut down New York's public transportation system for three days and left the union (whose workers, according to a New York law, are legally not allowed to strike) millions of dollars in debt. Transit workers, bundled up against the cold, marched at an uptown Manhattan bus depot on the first day of the strike.

NEW ORLEANS, March 2006. Seven months after Hurricane Katrina ravaged Louisiana and Mississippi, college volunteers went down to the south to lend a hand in tearing down often still-flooded houses so that they could be rebuilt. A volunteer, struck by finding a flag in the rubble, and moved by the question of patriotism in the midst of disaster, hung it on a tree before continuing to tear down dry wall and remove debris from the house.

NEW YORK, July 2006. In a controversial decision, The New York State of Court of Appeals--New York's highest court--ruled that the State constitution did not require that the state recognize same-sex marriages. On the day of the ruling, proponents of gay marriage gathered on seventh avenue in front of Christopher Park. Protesters ran the gamut from small children to grandfathers, signs from the sweet to the obscene or angry.

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