It Makes My Head Spin

Thursday, February 15, 2007
Me: Thanks. Can I get your name?
Girl who had just given a great quote: No. Can't I just be anonymous?
Me: Not really. No.
Girl: Can I just give you a pseudonym?
Me: No. Look, you are at a public rally, and you just gave me a great quote. What are you afraid of?
Girl: I hate the press -- no offense. What's the big deal? I worked on my high school paper and we used fake names all the time.

Offense taken. What's the deal? How does it help any one's cause to hate the press? And, for the last time to everyone-- I do not work for your high school newspaper.

She gave me her name but I'm looking it up before I print it because I am not convinced that it's actually her name.

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