The Life of A Reporter

Monday, February 26, 2007
Man. I didn't want to post until after midterms, but this blog post from the blog of the Chicago Tribune's DC bureau is too good to pass up. I'm glad to see that D.C. is not fun-sucking. Or maybe everyone will find a way to take a break from taking yourself too seriously if you get flown Down Under on the Tribune Company's dollar. Go read it now. Laugh a bit. It's only old by a few days. Favorite comment:

"What a great travel log. Why didn't they tell me about jobs like this when I was in school? I would have studied my English and History more and my art a little less."

Jobs like what? Like one of the Tribune's top Washington correspondents? This reporter filed at least once a day for the time he was in Australlia. (You have to scroll down a bit . The search function's a little off). I can't imagine what a time shift like that does to filing on deadline. And, I doubt that Hinstory or English would really prepare you better for that. (I say that as an English major).

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