Just Sit And Wait

Tuesday, March 11, 2008
When the news of the day, is that everyone is waiting, what to do for photos? Run photos of the press! Who are waiting! And stalking! This is the second photo or waiting media the Times has had on its Web site today. The first was of cameras outside of the State Capitol building. Now that NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer* has gone back down to Manhattan, the photo changed to people waiting there. I'm not criticizing. These photos means that everyone -- with the possible exception of a hiding Spitzer-- is doing his or her job. I just think it is amusing. How can you not laugh at a graf like this:

"The governor, a Democrat in his first term, then returned to his apartment on Fifth Avenue, where news vans and police cars clogged traffic. Mr. Spitzer did not emerge overnight and did not appear early Tuesday for his regular morning jog."

Yes that means, there were people on stake-out duty all night long. I've done it for a few hours, and it's not fun. Let's just hope they got to sit in their cars.

* I recognize that very soon, this title may be obsolete.

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