Psychic Powers

Monday, July 7, 2008
Look at the date on this story:

(hint: It says July 8, 2008)

Now look at the date of this post, which is reflective of the real-time date in Washington D.C. where this story, presumably, takes place.

The New York Times has started to fast-forward time. In the process, The Times seems to have scooped the Post, which, it seems, has been instructed to wait for the actual announcement, since clearly the reporters there are privy to the gossip. Even I was privy to this gossip, and I don't work there. It was probably one of Washington's worst kept secrets. But the most recent news about Marcus Brauchli on the Post site is a blog linking to the NYTimes article. Ouch.

UPDATE 5:30 P.M. I guess the Post ended up scooping the Times since it got the news of the actual appointment up before the Times did. Thank goodness. All is (more) right in the world.

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