"Deeply Odd and Unusual People"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
My sister was forwarded a bizarre e-mail the other day. For the sake of everyone's privacy, I will not go into any of the details, but will recount the conversation a friend and I had after reading the e-mail.

Some background: th
is girl and I have been friends since ninth grade, when we first bonded after being accidentally locked in our history classroom and then later bonded over our shared love of writing and all things literature. She is a poet. She is, in fact, the poet who featured relatively heavily in my own high school and early college writing, as someone who I admired for her talent in poetry and her ability to see poems in the mundane.

I have edited for length, some typos, and identifying detail (blogger currently hates me. I will fix the font size issues when I can).

Friend: oh my. I love this life. So many odd little things

me: my mind is kind of blown

Friend: by this email?

me: well, not the e-mail itself, so much as the character behind the e-mail [the person who wrote the e-mail]

Friend: it's soooo odd

Friend: well, it's the last paragraph that's so odd. I mean, it really is a sort of "literary" undoing of a person, in my sick imagination where everything = material,

like, it could be a Nathan Englander story or something

me: hahah I was totally thinking the same thing

Friend: that makes us deeply odd and unusual people, by the way

me: don't think I have not already visualized her apartment

Friend: or what kind of computer she wrote the email on

me: a desktop PC. obviously

Friend: yeah. one of the tan ones

me: ok. I have a plan. Given the information that we have, we should each write something and send it to the other. You can use the info however you want, and change whatever facts you need.

me: we can each choose the genre

Friend: ok. OK, you realize that you have a huge advantage given the fact that you know her [the writer of the e-mail] and I don't

me: you can make up whatever you want

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