Wednesday, August 11, 2010
I'm still not sure what an editor-at-large does, and I am sure that it varies from magazine to magazine, but these lines  from W's editor-at-large in a New York Observer item are shocking for any editor of a magazine--especially one that calls itself "a little bit edgier" than other big fashion magazines:

"I'm going to buy an iPad! I'm going to buy an iPad! I don't have a computer, so this is a big moment for me," continued Ms. [Lynn]  Hirschberg.
And how does she write her stories now without a computer?
"I don't type them," said Ms. Hirschberg. "I give a handwritten copy to someone who types them, who I pay."

Previous to her new gig, Hirschberg covered Hollywood for the New York Times. Even if glossy magazines are still doing fine in print alone (which I doubt, considering W is looking into iPad apps, and its parent company Conde Nast is not exactly living in the same lap of luxury it used to), any editor should be embarrassed to admit she does not use a computer in this day and age.

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