Apology -Sort Of

Thursday, March 6, 2008
I am guilty of referring to "the press" in that conspiratorial way that implies that the newspapers and magazines are one entity and somehow share a mindset. (I just recently learned that "the press" does not referred to broadcast, which a friend pointed out I should have realized because only print is printed on presses. Right).

I did it purposefully, because I don't know anyone in broadcast, but also wanted to give off that conspiratorial tone, because I was talking about a take over. But since I used it that way, I will use it as an excuse to link to this older but wonderful Intellignecer post, excerpted bellow:

"What’s the most annoying thing about the press?" Ooh! We know!, we said to ourselves. It's the long hours and crappy pay and the e-mails from your mom that say, "I have a great idea for a story for you to write! About your cousin!" Or maybe the fact that people are always insulting you to your face by referring to you as though you are part of some freaky Masons-like conspiratorial organization called "the press" or "the media" and acting as though CNN's decision to air a buttload of Anna Nicole Smith coverage during the war is somehow your fault, personally. Or, wait, sorry, that's being 'the press.'"

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