New York's Character, D.C.'s Rules

Sunday, March 16, 2008
Sure, the Times made me sad, but today I miss New York.

Tomorrow morning, I need to have a costume for Hebrew school. I am going as a cat. There is no way I will have time in the morning, so I have made ears out of paper, markers and a headband, and I have made a tail by pinning black stockings to my skirt.

I will have to travel to school with the stockings attached to my skirt. In New York, no one would blink twice. I would even be able to wear the ears without attracting many stares.

Here, people will notice. That rule about not making eye contact doesn't exist. And there are fewer characters on the subway: no preachers, Mariachi bands, homeless women fighting with passengers, no artists sketching the passengers. Just people prominently displaying their government ID's, and tourists looking very confused and very pleased with themselves for having made it to the Nation's capital.

There is no one wearing tails made of stockings.

Maybe I'll eat on the Metro to distract people from my tail.

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