What The Hell is Wrong With Glee?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
O.K. I get that Glee is making fun of stereotypes and the cliques of high school. There is also some making fun of the "let's break out into song" genre, although the Glee numbers all come across as pretty earnest. AND I get that Sue Sylvester is over-the-top evil incarnate.

But, did anyone else squirm when she roofied the principal? No? You thought that it was not condoning it because, well, Sue is evil? OK. I hear that. That's even what I tried to tell myself. And then I watched the recap of the first episode of this second season that studio execs are calling season one part 2. The recap includes this gem:

Awww. A sleepy pill. That sounds so innocent and not criminal. Argh!

And THEN, two seconds later, we have this:

O.K. I watched the episode. I know that the blackmail is adultery not interracial relationships. And, I would say that this is satire, but I don't think "brown male" and "white female" sleeping together is an issue that people get blackmailed over anymore. Am I wrong?  Even if I am wrong, why perpetuate the alleged shame, even in jest?

I guess that this means that I have no sense of humor. In this case, I'm OK with that.

Oh, and this week? Check out the comments over at Jezebel about the double standard regarding sex for girls vs. guys in what was allegedly a girl power episode. (Here's a well-articulated comment. SlayBelle has a couple of good ones in this thread, and probably all over).

The people over there say is better than I can, and I know one of my few readers is behind and discussing this would give away real plot points. 

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