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Sunday, March 25, 2007
The New York Times often likes to talk about "Generation Nexters" like we are from some other planet (It is a Times Select story but Times Select is now free for people with .edu emails). I roll my eyes at those stories and I put this one in the same category. While it's not exclusively about the Times' Generation Next, it probably effects us a lot and it's written like it's some ground breaking news. Granted this is also the fault of the scientests who deemed this study worthy but a headline like: "Slow Down, Multitaskers; Don’t Read in Traffic"?? Come ON! The article includes gems such as:

"Several research reports, both recently published and not yet published, provide evidence of the limits of multitasking. The findings, according to neuroscientists, psychologists and management professors, suggest that many people would be wise to curb their multitasking behavior when working in an office, studying or driving a car.

These experts have some basic advice. Check e-mail messages once an hour, at most. Listening to soothing background music while studying may improve concentration. But other distractions — most songs with lyrics, instant messaging, television shows — hamper performance. Driving while talking on a cellphone, even with a hands-free headset, is a bad idea."

and is replete with photos of people multistasking.

Sure there is some science here, but can you say slow news day?

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