The title is from a Washington D.C. metro ad about taking your newspapers with you when you leave the metro

Here are a few things I have read and overheard in my blogging hiatus. Don't hold me to the exact wording.

Washington D.C. reporter repeating what was said at a press conference by a government official: "We all know that getting into a fight with a newspaper reporter is like getting into a fight with a skunk. The question is, is the stink coming from the [Name of Newspaper in question] based on facts?"

Helen Thomas: Are there prisons in America?
Deputy White House Press Secretary: Are there prisons? Was that the question?
Helen Thomas: Yes.
Helen Thomas: Why don't you use them to hold Guantanamo Bay prisoners?...We have non-citizens in our jails...You don't want to hold them there because you don't want to give them due process.
DWHPS: It doesn't sound like you want me to answer your question.

Reporter: The meeting that was canceled, where was it held?
DWHPS: Where did the meeting that didn't happen take place?
Reporter: If the meeting had happened where would it have taken place?
DWHPS:On the 18 the White House or the OEOB [Old Executive Office Building]
Reporter: If the meeting had happened, who would have been there.
DWHPS: ...I can assure you that the guest list of the meeting that didn't happen is not news.
Reporter: I think we make that determination
Reporter: and we decided it was news.
DWHPS (annoyed): Clearly.

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