My Dorky, Dorky Friends.

Saturday, May 3, 2008
I have a lot of friends who are newspaper dorks. That's not surprising considering the amount of time I spent at my college newspaper, but a series of unrelated conversations this week highlighted the extent of our beloved, excited, nerdiness:

Over GChat:
Friend 1: I'm writing about the history of the news ombudsman for my journalism class... which is a geekily exciting topic.
Me: oh my, that's an awesome topic. [Friend 2] would be jealous.
Friend 1: the swedish root for ombudsman means "the man who sees to it that the snow and ice and rubbish are removed from the streets and that the chimneys are swept." There's something charming about that
Me: yes. there is....
Friend 1: I just now appreciated how ΓΌbermeta it is to write about ombudsmen. I'm writing about the people who write about the people who write about the world.
me: I just now appreciated, your use of an umlat in a gchat.

Me: He is writing a paper on the history of newspaper ombudsmen
Friend #2: Really?? That's sooooooo cool.

Over GChat:
Me: the society of environmental journalists beleives that reporters should send out FOIA requests at least once a month.
Friend 3, and former co-editor: they're right!
me: just blitz federal agencies and eventually something will come of itmy co reporter and I are sending three out today
Friend 3: oh, that warms my heart.
Later one the phone, she added: Freedom of information laws are my favorite laws.

Over Text-Message:
Me: The coffee here was terrible, so I really need caffeine
Me: (a few minutes later): I just left to ask for a Coke
Friend 2: Ha Ha the tough life of a reporter

Over Text-Message:
Me: The Washington Post used "rom com" instead of romantic comedy.
Friend 2: Noooooo

Over the phone:
Friend 4: I just came back from a talk by a Wall Street Journal Reporter, and he said journalists interpret the world. That made me so happy. It made me really excited about journalism.... I just called to tell you that.

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