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Sunday, May 18, 2008

When I was little -- in second or third grade--there was a large sign at the end of my block that was, for months, covered in black cloth. Once, sitting in the car, I confessed to my mother that I was endlessly curious about what the sign was. We threw a few ideas back and forth, and then she pulled over, and held me up so I could look under the cloth. It was hard to see, but a few days later, it was revealed: "END ROAD WORK" it said.
But the mystery was not over.
Who would be protesting roadwork, I wondered, and why would they have waited so long to launch their protest?
The road work protesters remain a mystery until this day.

P.S. In college, my paper ran a banner headline, "Protestors Storm The Stage." Protestors is an alternate spelling, but it is not the accepted newspaper spelling, so the horrified head copy editor wrote a large sign "Protesters NOT Protestors." A few days later, the EIC saw the sign, and blanched as he held up the newspaper in question and the sign. "How did this happen?" he asked incredulous. He calmed down when we explained that at least it was a spelling. A little. I remember his horrified face and that sign every time I type the word "protesters".

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